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How to Choose the Best Colors for Painting Your Apartment [+ 30 Bonus Inspirations]

by Mahesa Kama - May 13, 2021 - No comments

When it comes to painting your home, especially apartments, using your favorite color may or may not be a good idea. In this guide, we are going to go over the vibe you can expect to feel by painting your walls a certain color. What might be your favorite color for your shirts, computer wallpaper, phone cases and other accessories might give a different ambiance to your humble abode than expected. Your paint color selection is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic, beauty and perception of space – by making it feel way bigger while eliminating the impression of being dull and unkempt. We will show you how to choose the best colors for painting your apartment [+30 Bonus Inspirations].


1. Choose based on your personality color

Do you feel overwhelmed when choosing a good paint color for your apartment? Take it easy! You are not alone. Most of us are spending more time in our apartments as we work from home during this covid-19 pandemic. Your paint color selection should blend with your personality to make you happy, calm and relaxed. Your mood can definitely affect your focus and health. So, how to create a zen like atmosphere at home? The answer is “Know your personality color”.

color psychology for painting apartment

Essentially, there are four color personality types. The four color types are:

Blue = Conservative and structured, 
Orange = Progressive and innovative, 
Yellow = Optimistic and enthusiastic, and 
Green = Balanced and practical.

This method is not completely perfect in describing what kind of colors fit with your personality. However, it is a good way to know more about yourself. People often use colors to express their feelings – for example, you can easily understand people by looking at their clothes. Colors are also used for decorating your room. You can decorate your apartment room with colors that reflect your personality.

If you are interested to know more about Color Personality Test, you can take the test here.


2. Choose based on color psychologies

Who knows, that the paint color of the apartment can affect the harmony and financial condition. This is believed by everyone through color psychology. Color can give them spirit to us (as we want). For example, a relaxed feel while lying in the bedroom, a cheerful atmosphere in a child’s room, a warm tone in the bathroom, or a bright tone in the kitchen.

Related with apartment painting, color psychology is used in terms of spatial planning, furniture, and apartment paint color choices. According to color psychology, each color has its own meaning. Let’s find out the meaning of apartment paint colors according to color psychology as described below:


Simplicity and purity, considered neutral, conveys cleanliness, and minimalism.

white color for painting apartment

White is the most common color and is the safest to use for apartment paint. This is because white is a neutral color that matches well with other colors. White color is believed to be good for increasing creativity.

White is also good for apartments that get direct sunlight, because white reflects the light very well and is able to stimulate more positive vibes from these directions.


Positive, optimistic and energetic, fun, joy, and spontaneity.

yellow color for painting apartment

Yellow and its derivative (coral colors like beige, terracotta, and gold) also have a good meaning according to color psychology. These colors are considered capable of maintaining the stability of relationship with your partner. Also, other cultures believe that yellow means kindness, wisdom and knowledge.

Red & Pink

Love, passion, warmth, dynamism, courage, romance, tenderness, and femininity.

red pink color for painting apartment

Red and pink are well known as a feminine colors, meaning prosperity, achievement, and harmony. Red can be used in the kitchen, dining room and living room. This color will stimulate your sexuality so it is suitable when applied in the bedroom. Also, pink is very suitable to be applied to bedroom and bathroom walls. Are you interested in one of them?


Youth, nature, healing, hope, growth, refreshing, and fertility.

green color for painting apartment

If you like something natural, you can choose green for painting your apartment. According to color psychology, green means freshness and regeneration. In addition, green also has a good effect on health. Green is very suitable for bathroom wall paint because it brings a sense of peace, serenity, purification, life, and a new beginning. Green also brings a sense of vitality and freshness.


Dependable, trustworthy, rugged, and simple.

brown color for painting apartment

Brown is now starting to be used frequently as a favorite color for painting apartments. Brown became more popular because this color has a positive meaning, some people believe brown is good for luck. You can apply this color to the walls of the bedroom or living room in your apartment.


Neutral, moody, conservative, and formal.

gray color for painting apartment

Gray is very suitable for those of you who are looking for a natural and calm tone. The psychological effect of gray is moody and conservative. Gray can represent metal. Use this color in a workspace because gray will enhance skills, knowledge and creativity.


3. Choose colors with different shades

Colors are combined into two distinct groups, namely warm and cold tones. For this reason, pairing colors with different temperatures will always produce a harmonious color combination. For example, pair hues with cool tones like warm pastel blues and yellows. Or, pair warm neutrals like brown or cream with bold colors like dark blue or orange.

color combination for painting apartment

If you plan to try paint color combinations for your apartment, make sure you do:

  • Combine it with other lighter shades.
  • Combine it with dark paint colors of the same color / family type.
  • Don’t mix light shades with gray and blacks color.

Other opinion:
Painting two different wall colors in one room will create an awkward impression in the interior of your home. Most experts suggest using the same color, or at least make a subtle color combination in the room, such as color gradations. Don’t let your room seem messy because the portion of the color combination looks haphazard.


4. Mix and match monochromatic schemes

Monochrome color schemes aren’t just about black and white. You can use different color tones to create a futuristic impression in the room. A color with the same hue but in a different tone can be a great choice. For example, a combination of light blue or pastel blue with dark blue or navy would be an interesting color combination.

monochromatic color schemes for painting apartment

For accent walls, you can make additional variations in one color palette with finishing techniques using contrasting paints. You will produce a matching monochromatic color. Also adjust the color of the decorations, such as table lamps and paintings.

monochrome minimalist apartment

Monochrome apartment painting provides many advantages. Monochrome color can make a room look clean and modern. This is also able to make any small space feel way bigger. Here are four advantages if you apply a monochrome colors for painting your apartment:

Feeling comfortable

Monochrome can make apartments feel comfortable. Especially for those who like tranquility, a design with monochrome colors will give a peaceful and calm tone in the room.

Broad impression

Monochrome colors can give the impression that any room looks wider. In accordance with the minimalist concept that emphasizes function, clean and simple monochrome colors are perfect for use. Monochrome colors can be combined with other colors or transparent glass materials which further emphasize the concept of a spacious and comfortable minimalist apartment.

Unique patterns to be more attractive

Monochrome paints can be more unique with additional accents or patterns. The accent can give a vibrant and beautiful impression to the eye even though the monochromatic color is made with only two colors.

Looks modern

Monochrome always exists as the top choice color for painting. This color scheme is very modern even though it is only black and white. Many apartment owners change their apartment paint to monochrome colors because it’s simple but very comfortable to look at.


5. Choose color based on lighting

Before buying a can of paint, the paint seller will show you light boxes to test the paint color you choose. So, you can show the original color of the paint under normal conditions. It is important to choose the right lighting to increase the warmth of the colors. In addition, there are two tips on lighting your home.

If you have yellow lights in your apartment, the best color for painting your apartment is darker colors of warm colors than cool colors.

warm color for painting apartment


If you have white lights in your apartment, the best color for painting your apartment is lighter shades of cool colors than warm colors.

cool color for painting apartment


Bonus: 30 apartment paint colors for inspiration

30 apartment paint colors for inspiration based on color trends for apartments in 2021

Bedroom paint ideas for apartment


Bathroom paint ideas for apartment


Kitchen paint ideas for apartment


Living room paint ideas for apartment


Before you start, let’s do the preparation. Here some frequently asked questions about apartment painting services.


Q: How to find a painter for your apartment?

A: Nowadays, everything has been easier. You can book for a painting service using a website/apps. If you stay around New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey you can book a painting service via Opn.

Q: How much will it cost to paint my apartment?

A: This cost especially counts for apartment painting services in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey via Opn. based on room type and room quantity.

Kitchen [$499]With paint [+$70]
Bedroom [$399]With paint [+$50]
Bathroom [$299]With paint [+$50]

Q: How to keep safe when doing an apartment painting during pandemic Covid-19?

A: All of our painters at Opn. are always ready to work even in the recent pandemic situation. We all work within health protocol guidelines with disinfection of our work tools for safety. Of course, it’s safe. Because we work with minimum direct contact with our consumers. All booking services and payment transactions are done on the website. More than anything, we want you safe!


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