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We make your home work, so you can make everything else work.

Who is opn.?

Pronounced "open" - Opn. specializes in painting, coatings, and surface restoration for custom homes and businesses, but we exist to help you fall in love with your home.

We deliver a wide array services that allow you to express your creative vision for your home or business. Whether we're restoring your distressed exterior or transforming your interior space, Opn.'s core value of "Do Better" shines through, helping our highly skilled artisans and craftsmen bring your ideas to life.

Home should feel like home. 


Been thinking about painting?

Book a walkthrough estimate appointment to get a professional quote on your next project! 

Black-owned & Operated

Our technicians have all been trained in-house, allowing our team to provide a consistent level of service with the Opn. stamp of approval. Our independent contractors have been vetted and are held to the same standards.


Our mantra

Do better. We strive to do better each day, from the way we service our customers to the way we encourage, support and develop our employees. We are open to feedback, constructive criticism and raising the bar.