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5 Tips to Choose the Proper Wall Mount for Your TV [+ Infographic]

by Mahesa Kama - May 20, 2021 - No comments

Before reading these tips, let’s answer these questions: “Why do you want to wall mount your TV?”, “When is a TV mount the right choice?”, “How do you know which wall mount for your TV?”. Okay, don’t worry. If you couldn’t answer those questions, we are going to be happy to assist you to choose the proper wall mount for your TV. TV mounts are definitely the most effective choice if you have got children, if you’re pressed for space, if you do not need extra storage, if you would like total freedom for placement of your TV, or if you would like multiple viewing angles.

Mounting a TV to your wall looks like a decent idea. It can reduce glare from lights and windows, saves floor space and lifts the screen up to where the entire room can easily see it. However, if you begin the process without a concept, it can quickly be converted into a disaster. you may save your time and stress with these 5 tips to choose the proper wall mount for your TV. So, let’s continue reading, or see the [infographic].


1. Know the TV wall mount bracket types

May you have a question in your mind, like “What type of TV wall bracket is best?”. Here you’ll find the solution. TV mounts are available in a spread of designs to accommodate different setups. To choose the proper amount for your needs, here are some things you’ll wanna consider. There are three basic forms of mounts: fixed, tilting and full motion.

Fixed TV wall mount

fixed tv wall mount harlem

Fixed TV wall mounts offer a low-profile solution to induce your TV as near the wall as possible. they seem to be a good option if you intend on viewing your TV from a comparatively head-on position. When choosing a set mount, keep the placement of your TVs inputs in mind, as you’ll have to use the provided spacers to make sure your cables fit properly.

Tilting TV wall mount

tilting tv wall mount harlem

If you’re gonna be sitting under your TV, a tilting Mount may be a sensible choice. While they also provide a comparatively low-profile solution, tilting mounts allow you to adjust the angle of your TV, to enhance line of sight and reduce glare. Tilting mounts are ideal when placing your TV above a hearth, dresser or media center.

Full Motion TV wall mount

full motion tv wall mount harlem

Lastly, if you would like complete control over the position of your TV, a full motion mount is the thanks to go. Full motion mounts feature articulating arms, which permit you to increase, swivel and tilt your TV to almost anywhere you would like. You can also choose the standard full motion mount or corner full motion mount.

full motion corner tv wall mount harlem

This provides you with the simplest seat within the house, no matter where you’re located. It’s worth noting that these are just general features of fixed tilting and full motion TV mounts.

So, do all wall mounts fit all TVs? the answer is no! Not every mount is compatible with every TV. so as for a mount to figure along with your TV, the mount has to fit the hole pattern on the back. There are lots of options available within each category including mounts designed for corners, ceilings and even outside. So first decide which type of mount is needed, then pick the one that works together with your particular setup.


2. Choose based on where you will mount the TV

First of all, you must know where you want to mount the TV. Keep in mind if you have open space for multiple areas without partition, for example: an undivided area between living room and kitchen, you should imagine the angle where you may watch your TV. So, you can enjoy watching TV no matter while you are in the living room or in the kitchen. For this case we recommend the full motion TV wall mount. However, if you need to place the TV in a single/separated room like a bedroom or working room, you can use a fixed TV wall mount or tilting TV wall mount.

mount tv in apartment livingroom

And again, just make sure you have the right type of mount for your room you know.

  • If for any reason you would want to move or move the TV, turn it in any direction, make sure you use an articulating mill.
  • Are you just going to be viewing the TV straight if it’s a little bit lower on the wall? use a flat mount, and
  • Is it gonna be bounded up higher? but, you don’t need to turn? then use a tilt mount.


3. Find the proper high to mount your TV

Another important thing when mounting your TV on the wall is how high it’s placed. Ideally you would like the middle of your TV to take a seat roughly at eye level. This provides the foremost comfortable position for viewing as mounting it higher can cause potential eye and neck strain.

find the proper high to mount your tv

For most people, eye level is roughly 42 inches from the ground in an exceedingly seated position. Start by sticking a chunk of tape at this height and so take a seat. If your focus doesn’t naturally fall to where the tape is, adjust it higher or lower until it feels comfortable. When you’re pleased with where it’s placed, write down the gap between the ground and also the tape.

Afterward, get in the middle of your TV to take a seat at this level. This takes a touch of calculating but it’s definitely well worth the effort. Before you begin following the steps within the installation manual, make sure the TV plate or brackets are attached to the mount. You’ll wanna check to determine if the middle of the bracket is aligned with the middle of the wall plate.

Some mounts are symmetrical, but if yours isn’t, measure the gap between the 2 centers. If the TV bracket is less than the middle of the wall plate, add the difference to the peak you wrote down. If it’s higher, subtract the difference.

Next, attach the brackets or plate to your TV. At this point you are looking to make sure the middle of the brackets are centered with your TV.

  • If it’s below the middle of your TV, subtract the difference from the peak you calculated within the previous step.
  • If it’s higher, add the difference.


4. Think about cable management

Are your wall mount types able to hide all messy cable from your TV and also from additional devices there? Before choosing the wall mount for your TV, you must imagine the cabling too. If you consider tidiness is important, some TV wall mounts have features to hide the messy cable. Feel free to pick them!

tv mount in wall cable management system

If you have already bought (don’t have a cable management feature), you can use additional tools like an in-wall cable management system. It can hide all those ugly cables and wires that come down from your TVs. This kit will allow it to have a nice clean look, very safe, and simple to use.


5. Get help from experts

If you are inexperienced and uninformed about TV mounting, it should be better to get help from experts. Unlike other platforms, we can help you to choose the proper wall mount for your TV no matter where you bought it, and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your TV and video devices.

We also provide a solution with an affordable price for TV mounting services. Offering same and next-day appointments, we are proud to serve the Tri-State area, including all 5 New York boroughs, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

What size is your TV?Mounting setup feeBracketWall
Up to 31″ $149Already have = Free
Tilted = $49
Full motion = $69
Dry wall = Free
Concrete = $35
Brick = $35
32″ to 60″$149Already have = Free
Tilted = $49
Full motion = $69
Dry wall = Free
Concrete = $35
Brick = $35
61″ to 80″$149Already have = Free
Tilted = $49
Full motion = $69
Dry wall = Free
Concrete = $35
Brick = $35
Over 80″$249Already have = Free
Tilted = $49
Full motion = $69
Dry wall = Free
Concrete = $35
Brick = $35


Extra featuresPrice
External cord concealment$69
In-wall cord concealment$149
Install wall shelf$89
Install sound-bar$49
LED lights$49


  • All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Opn. offer some types of mounts: tilt mount, full motion mount, and corner full motion mount.
  • Opn. TV mounting services were available only in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.


[+ Infographic]

Feel free to share this infographic! Click the image to see full resolution.

infographic: 5 tips to choose the proper wall mount for your tv


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